Bikini Body Tips

Everybody has their own unique body style. Come swimwear season, some might feel self conscious or that their swimwear isn’t doing justice to their body. But the most important thing is to be confident, flaunt what you have and never be ashamed. That said, everyone will suit different styles more or less according to their body style, so here’s a few tips to help you make the most of your swimwear this summer season.

For Petite Girls

Just because you have a smaller body type doesn’t mean you can’t show off. There are plenty of little tricks to help enhance what you’ve got and make the most of a petite body type; for instance:

For Girls With Broad Shoulders 

It’s important that women with a more athletic body type should set their sights on feminine cuts and details to emphasize their softer features. Here are just a few of the useful tips to helping you look great this summer.

  • Girls with broad shoulders tend to be more toned below the midriff, so show this off with some eye-catching embellishments at the hip and a tapered-back bottom.
  • Enhance your assets in the chest area by incorporating cups, padding, or a feminine pattern print. This will focus attention below the broad shoulders and accentuate the midriff more.
  • Opt out of wearing bandeaus, boy-cut briefs, and shapeless tanks, as these will do nothing to accentuate your lithe figure.

For Girls With Curves

Thanks to the natural appeal of the hourglass figure, it’s difficult to find anything that won’t work on a curvy girl, but there are some styles that work better than others in accentuating that sexy shape even more.

  • To avoid distorting your proportions, go for a solid or a small print when hitting the beach this summer. Anything to help lift the chest is great, further highlighting your natural assets; adjustable straps, seamed cups and sturdy linings will all help emphasize what God gave you.
  • If you’re having trouble finding the right fit for your chest, a balconette or halter style  could be your answer, providing sturdy support while not distracting too much away from the hips.
  • Unless you’re really planning on showing off, you should avoid anything with a shifty string, including your bikini bottoms.

For Girls With Big Booties

Why not show off what you’ve got? Most full figured women have an eye-catching bustline and good legs, so it’s best to embrace them and utilise your natural shape.

For The Tall Girls

To maximize the appeal of a long body, it’s all about breaking down the length with separate and eye-catching swimwear