Love & Care

If you want to get plenty of wear out of your swimwear, there are a few top tips to bear in mind so that it will last and keep its shape.

Here are our most frequently asked questions:

No. Swimsuits and bikinis must be treated with more care than your every day clothes.

The heat and rough and tumble from the washing machine or tumble dryer will cause the fabrics to break down and disintegrate, causing it to lose shape and fall apart.

The best way to wash your swimwear is to rinse it in cold, fresh water. Heat causes the fabric’s elasticity to give, making it lose its shape.

It’s highly advisable to rinse sooner rather than later after swimming in the pool or in the sea, as chlorine, salt and heat all damage delicate swimwear fabrics, which are far less robust than your average clothing. It’s best not to use detergents, just rinse in cold water straight away after wearing.

Do not leave it soaking in water. Don’t stretch the swimwear too much, hand wash gently to get the best results.

It’s best to dry your bikini naturally. Avoid direct sunlight, which can cause it to fade.

Hanging a one piece swimsuit or bikini up can cause it to lose its shape.

If you can, dry your swimwear flat so you’ll get lots more wear out of it.

Now off you go and enjoy your Bikinis!

Serena xxx