Fall in Love with your Bikinis

Everybody loves going to the beach. It’s a time of relaxation, a chance to bask in the sun and have a roll in the waves. But while the beach itself is a laid-back break from the city life, picking out your swimwear can be anything but. Thankfully, we can take the stress out of buying the right swimwear online with a little help from the industry experts. With our top suggestions, you’ll never need to enter a changing room again.


Choosing the right color for you should be simple, as what best suits your skin tone and hair color won’t change. But color trends change like the weather, and what’s hot one season will be out by the next. That’s why it’s important to think ahead before you click ‘buy’. When you’re shopping for holiday pieces online, be sure to take into account how your body, mood may change after being on the beach a day or two. That’s why it’s better to go for bold colors and lively tones. Your skin will soon pick up a healthy glow from the sun in no time, so you’re going to want to show that off. Shopping online can be hazardous because you can’t get a real sense of how it will work with your hair and skin type. That’s why it’s important to go for styles that you know work well for your body shape.


A key trick to finding your ideal swimsuit is to bring the attention to your best assets. The basic rule for choosing the best swimwear piece is to shift focus away from what bothers you and to celebrate the parts of your body that you like best. Let’s not forget that you need to feel comfortable in it too, so remember your first requirement should be to go with what feels good!

If your body style tends towards a bottom weighted appearance, you should try to accentuate the bust, instead of the hip area. A good one-piece can add dimensions to your contors and elongate the silhouette, so it could help bring out the best aspects of your body. When shopping online, opting for styles that you know work well for your body shape is always a safe bet. Once you find a suit that you love, it’s easier to start building a collection in different color combinations.


Bandeau bikinis can do wonders in emphasising the curves for girls with only a slight bust, but a halter neck will give you all the support ladies with a larger bust could need. Likewise, women with a full set of curves can pull off tiny bikinis brilliantly, drawing the eye to the smaller pieces of material, and ensuring the whole body looks smaller in the process. For ladies with a petite figure, padded tops and frill details can accentuate the bust without looking over emphasized, while a couple of tie sides at the hips will complement the smaller figure without adding bulk.

Proper care

Buying your swimsuit is only half the battle, however, with proper care needed after every use to ensure it lasts long enough. After swimming in chlorine or salt water, wash your swimwear in warm clean water, to ensure there is no leftover residue. When you return from your holiday, hand-wash the lycra pieces in baby shampoo and your swimsuit will maintain its elasticity and color until the next time you hit the beach.

If you follow these easy tips when looking for your next swimsuit, you’ll be able to relax in the sun knowing not only is your fashion accentuating your natural assets, but it will last longer than any tan ever could.